VS Code C# .tlb to .dll

Cliff Smith

VS Code C# .tlb to .dll

I'm trying to use C# to create a desktop application to house all of the various macros I've created and get away from using VBA if possible.

The biggest problem I've encountered so far is that I cannot use Visual Studio, only VS Code. Looking at the CATIA VBA references and Excel VBA references I've figured out I need to reference INFITF, but they all point to .tlb files, and not .dll files. It seems like the answer is easy with Visual Studio, you can reference the .tlb and it converts it to a .dll, but from what I can find to do this with VS Code you need a tool called tlbimp which I do not have and cannot get.

So, before I go down a crazy path I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something easy. Is there a way to reference a .tlb file in C# through VS Code?


Little Cthulhu

RE: VS Code C# .tlb to .dll
(in response to Cliff Smith)


I'm afraid you absolutely need tlbimp.exe since it produces interop dlls that are consumed by C# applications. Visual Studio does the same when you reference tlb directly.