Hole in assembly

Marin Chirita

Hole in assembly


I try to make a hole in the whole from an existing hole in a nut trapped in another piece. It gives me this message(see attach). How can I solve this problem?




  • Hole_in_assembly.PNG (5.5k)
  • Hole_in_assembly.wmv (2333.5k)

Reimund Reuhl

RE: Hole in assembly
(in response to Marin Chirita)

Hello Manuel,

the message from the windows means, this target-CATPart has a contextual link in another top node.

So, you can delete the contextual link in the target-CATPart if this is possible for you (think about the other product). 


you can insert the init-CATPart with the hole in the other Product and create then the hole inside this product


you can copy the Line (axis from the Hole in the init-CATPart) into the target-CATPart an create then the hole in the target CATPart.

best regards Reimund