CATIA SendTo Service

Alvaro Persichini

CATIA SendTo Service

Does anyone knows how to use the method "GetList Of Dependant File" of the SendTo Service package?

Can someone guide me with some code regarding how to retrieve the array in order to display the list of files?

I was able to run the SendTo method, but I can't get the file list.


Any help?


Module Deploy

Dim SendTo As SendToService

Dim A(16)

Sub Enviar(ByRef objCurrentProduct As Product)

       SendTo = myCATIA.CreateSendTo()


       SendTo.SetDirectoryFile("C:\_CATIA_LogicDirectory\_MODLOCAL\New folder")

       SendTo.SetRenameFile("KX1002-005.CATPart", "MAG")


' SendTo.Run()

End Sub

End Module


Thank you.