Filtering to Variants - Native Client

Madison Keck

Filtering to Variants - Native Client

Hello, I am using 3DX 2020x native client. I am wanting to quickly open a unique selection of variants within a Model Version that is NOT already a Product/Predefined Configuration. Any ideas how to do this? 

Mahefa Ralijaona

RE: Filtering to Variants - Native Client
(in response to Madison Keck)

Hello Madison,

If I well understood your request, I think you need to use the filtering capabilities.

After retrieving your model, you explore it (Ctrl+E), then you use the Filter button which opens a panel showing various methods of filtering. You can choose to filter according to variants and options and then open in authoring mode, the result of your filter applied.

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Mahefa Ralijaona[Dassault Systemes.] @ Jan 05, 2023 - 11:47 AM (Europe/Paris)

Scott Pokriefka

RE: Filtering to Variants - Native Client
(in response to Madison Keck)

Hi Madison,

If I understand correctly.  The Product Configuration captures the selection of Variant Values and Options for the Model Version’s available Variants and Options Groups.

For example, a Model Version has two Variants (“Variant X” and “Variant Y”), and two Variant Values for each of the Variant. The Product Configuration captures that ‘Variant Value 1’ of “Variant X” and ‘Variant Value 2’ of “Variant Y” are selected.

So in the native client select ‘Variant Value 2’ of “Variant X” and ‘Variant Value 1’ of “Variant Y” on-the-fly, and see the correct filtered Product Structure.

 You should be able to create on-the-fly Filters in Product Finder, and then open the correctly filtered Product Structure in Product Structure Design for Authoring.

The “Filter Content Using a Configuration Filter” section of this 2020x User Assistance Product Finder entry is a helpful start.