V5 Machining Poll

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V5 Machining Poll
I wanted to take poll of users using V5 prismatic/Surface/Lathe machining modules in their shops/plant for production and your experiences with it. A few key points of information would be: What part of the US or elsewhere your located. What industry and type of projects/parts you're making with it. And general opinion about the results you're having.

We are a small company in the SouthEast (Atlanta area). We are doing small projects with the V5 Prismatic workbench but most of the difficult 5-axis simultaneous work is still being done with V4. Primarily we machine aerospace and micro optic components. V5 r8 seems to be the rev. that could really break loose the 5-axis stuff. We're very excited about it.

Any comments would be appreciated. We would really like to develop a relationship with other users to swap info/techniques etc. Thanks

Author: Michael Galinac