COE Administrator

I want to automate some design tasks in CATIA V5 with the Macro/VB tools and I have some questions on how to do it ?

I would like to know how to implement multiple procedures ? I know how to write code in a simple sub CATMain () but how do you integrate multiple procedure/module like UserForm, Class Module… in a project ? Is it possible? if so, how do you run it into CATIA ?

How do you integrate user interaction in VB script ? Let say you want the user to select some reference element ? I know there is a Selection object but I don't know how to use it to change the properties values of the selected object…

Finally, in the CATIA documentation, they refer a few times to a document called: Catia Infrasrtucture Journaling Guide , I have search everywhere and can't find it! As anyone seen this doc ?

Any information regarding these questions would be greatly appreciated !

Author: Francois Giguere