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Admin mode
In AIX, I try to start CATIA in admin mode, by this, I have created one directory where I put catsettings by lock and my variable catreferencesettingpath point to this directory, this directory has all permissions and I run catia with the command "catstart -run CNEXT -admin -env my_env -direnv my_direnv" but catia doesn't start in admin mode... the locked icons appear in Tools->Options, but they are disable... I don't know.

Author: Juan Ciprés

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Admin mode
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Hi Juan,
Try this one and see.

1) In the / level, type in
. /xxx/xxx/CATEnv/
2) type in
CNEXT -admin
3) V5 should pop up and reminds you that you're running
Admin mode

Cheers. Kennis Tang.

Author: Kennis TANG

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Admin mode
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Dear Juan ,

To run Cnext admin utility your logine should belogs to administrator group. If it is then do follwing procedure.


1) Run CATIA in admin mode (i.e. run X:\programm files\dassault sysytem\---\bin\cnext -admin

2) Catia will prompt you that you are running catia in admin mode.

3) go to Tools --- Option ---

4) You will lock icon in front of each settings ,either lock it or----

5 ) close the catia

6)restart the catia from desktop or----

Author: patil vijay g

James Gardner, Jr

RE: Admin mode
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I have run Catia in admin before just by changing my target but I'm having an issue in V5R28

could someone please give me a push in the right direction. I have read the thread but nothing worked.

here is my target

"C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B28\win_b64\code\bin\CATSTART.exe" -run "CNEXT.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DassaultSystemes\CATEnv" -nowindow 

Steven Roemish

RE: Admin mode
(in response to James Gardner, Jr)

The "-admin flag goes inside the quotes of the cnext.exe argument. Like this: 

"C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B28\win_b64\code\bin\CATSTART.exe" -run "CNEXT.exe -admin" -env CATIA.V5R28_64 -direnv "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DassaultSystemes\CATEnv" -nowindow

However, you need other flags as well; -env for the environment name and -direnv for the environment folder path. 

see CATSTART.exe -help below:

GOAL : start CATIA V5 applications
SYNTAX : catstart

[ -env environment_name ]
[ -direnv environment_directory ]
[ -object object ]
[ -run program_name ]
[ -jrun java class or jar ]
[ -jopts options for the jvm ]
[ -s ]
[ -h|-help ]

-> env: followed by environment name used by CATIA V5
-> direnv: followed by environment directory used by CATIA V5
-> object: followed by object to load when starting CATIA V5 or followed by arguments between "" (-object "arg1 arg2 argn")
-> run: followed by program to start(DMU, ENOVIA, DELMIA, CATNodelockMgt, CATSoftwareMgt). Without run argument CATIA V5 is started
-> s: silent mode (no messages)
-> h|help: get info on the shell


Here are the CNEXT Options, these are the options normally included with in the CNEXT.exe quotation marks. 

Common options: /? | /h | /help Prints this message.

-e cnext_command [arguments] Starts CATIA and executes the passed in command.
-batch Starts CATIA in batch mode.
-workbench Launches CATIA and activates the specified workbench (see workbench names in Start menu).
-macro macro_file Starts the specified macro.\
-admin Starts CATIA in administrator mode for the purpose of locking settings.
-object Starts CATIA and loads the specified object.

Windows specific options:

-env env_name Starts CATIA with the given environment.
/regserver Registers CATIA as an OLE server.
/unregserver Unregisters CATIA OLE server.
/embedding Starts CATIA as an invisible OLE server.


SteveR in Woolley, WA