Analysis problem

COE Administrator

Analysis problem

When i want to exert a force on a region of a surface ,
i can not do this ,
it means that i can not separate this region from whole of
surface and the force is exerted to whole of surface .
furthermore ,
i can not specify a line on a surface to exert the force on it ,
Pls suggest how to solve these problems.



Author: Mehdi Omidi

Tony Roberts

RE: Analysis problem
(in response to COE Administrator)


When I want to exert a force on just a portion of a part's face, I usually do the following:


1. In GPS, make a new surface on the part face that represents the area where I want the force applied.

2. In Part Design, use "Sew Surface" to add the new surface to the part model. Make sure the "Simplify Geometry" option is turned off in "Sew Surface".


This breaks a smaller face into the larger face. When the force is applied to the smaller face, it does not extend past the smaller face's boundaries.