Plant Layout

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Plant Layout

Ambraer, that is to say you want to design aero assembly lines I suppose.
What was the level of detail in CCPLANT V4 ? , a connection with simulation (flow simulation)? use of BOM for costing or reliability calculation maybe ? .For an automotive and for Aerospace-Shipbuilding projects we have pushed the preliminary design phasis and the detail design with CCPLANT. Results were interesting in term of informations and publication of 3D models with information data.
With Plant Layout do you plan to make preliminary or detailed design ? do you want to recover models ?
I think using knowledge/API is easy to takes benefits of the design and having a dynamic/parametric plant 3D design.

Eveurithing in your company was designed in CATIA V4/ CCPLANT or a large part with Microstation or Autocad what is very often a mix for Plant management ?

Finally Plant Layout is just a basis to manage areas in order to take all benefits of the V5 Part/product/knowledge design.

Do you think V5 is now ready to move from CCPLANT to V5 plant design ?


Author: Mazurie