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B.J. Fries Award of Merit

Cropped BJ Fries.jpgThis award is conferred annually in memory of our COE volunteer and friend who epitomized an individual from a COE member company, who in the judgment of the Honor Awards Committee, has made valued, balanced contributions to the COE organizations' activities and growth. The Award of Merit is conferred upon an individual - focusing on the person's accomplishments.





2022 Recipients:



Neil Martinuzzi, Lear Automotive 

Neil Martinuzzi has been an active contributor with COE for more than two decades, a committee chair on the Design team and has made many contributions to COE thru presentations, managing the EME committee, moderating sessions, feedback & interaction with the Design team, collaborating with Dassault Systemes, and his loyal participation in conference attendance.

Dave Frank, Dasco Engineering 

Dave Frank has been a strong advocate of COE within the NC programming community. Dave has submitted countless improvement requests to DS through COE. Recently Dave mentioned to me that DS has implemented many of the deficiencies encounter in the V% NC platform within the new 3DX platform. Dave is a constant force in the COE forums answering questions whenever possible. Dave is a model COE member and I highly recommend him to receive the COE award of Merit for his continuous contributions to COE.

Rani Richardson, Dassault Systemes 

Rani has been a longtime collaborator with COE user volunteers and leadership.  Helping identify and bring great educational content to our conferences, as a recognized speaker at many conferences and COE Industry Workshops, and now more recently as a liaison to COE’s Board of Directors. 

Bruce Gabel, Spirit AeroSystems 

Bruce Gabel has served as a committee chair on the Design Composites team and has made many contributions to COE thru presentations, managing his Composites (CMP) committee, moderating sessions, feedback & interaction with the Design team, and collaboration with Dassault Systemes liaisons.  Bruce has also brought several years of advice and counsel to COE’s Leadership Management Committee that helps vet and select board candidates and volunteer leaders.

Eric Neuville, Dassault Systemes

Eric Neuville has been a long standing member of the COE organization who has worked tirelessly as a: Presenter (winning Best Presenter in Engineering Simulation & Analysis track 2018), Top Gun Participant (2nd in 2016 & Winner in 2013), 3DExperience Discovery Panel member, COE Website contributor (Community of Experts Contributor Award 2019), Committee Chair Division Manager (Develop & Deploy).  He always shares his knowledge freely & has encouraged others at his company to participate in COE.

Past Award of Merit Recipients

2019 - Mike Clare, Lee Krueger of Boeing 

2018 - Keith Horton, Nordam Group & Shawn Ehrstein, Wichita State University

2017 - Scott Pokriefka, Dassault Systèmes

2016 - Ray Anderson

2015 - Kevin Albers, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company; Tim Suhr, The Boeing Company

2014 - Tom Brown, The Boeing Company; Charles Chen, The Boeing Company; Tom Crume, The Boeing Company

2013 - Roger Joyal, Beechcraft Corporation; Neil Littel, Viking Range; Ed Popko, Dassault Systèmes

2012 - Colleen Kennedy, Oregon Institute of Technology; Brian Prasad, Parker Hannifin Corporation

2011 - Scott Baker, Deepak Manuel, Rich Perlman

  • 2000 - 2010

    2010 - Lee Encapera, Nate Nalven
    2009 - Phil Harrison
    2008 - Gary Hornyak
    2007 - Tim Enns
    2006 - Catherine Bell, William "BJ" Fries, Jeff Toelsin
    2005 - Mark Van Horne
    2004 - Tom Cisler
    2003 - Jim Barkelew, Mark Chitjian, Jim Strawn
    2002 - James Cleland, Robert Daniels, Didier Gaillard, Carl "Skip" Seibert
    2001 - Stephen Lewis, Glen Norman, Sohair VarnHagen
    2000 - Gene Duncan, Al Hoyle, Nancy Rothwell

  • 1996 - 1999

    1999 - Dave Brock, Rick Marickovich
    1998 - John Freyman, Katie Barrett
    1997 - Bill Abramson, Greg Chaney, Joe Red
    1996 - Steve Doncov

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    Bill Abramson College of Fellows Award

    AbramsonBill.jpgNoteworthy achievements and contributions to CAD/CAM/CAE/CAx, specifically as they impact Dassault Systèmes suite of products, deserve special recognition. Such special recognition can be furthered by election to the COE College of Fellows.

    As analysis, design and manufacturing pushes forward, old boundaries are overtaken and new perspectives are important for all members in our profession. Thus, this status of leadership establishes a high level of honor and visibility.

    In 2015, the award was renamed from the COE College of Fellows Award to the Bill Abramson College of Fellows Award in honor of Bill's long standing contributions and impact on COE.

    Two significant benefits of receiving the Bill Abramson College of Fellows Award are:

    1. Free Lifetime COE Event registration
    2. Free Lifetime COE Individual membership

    Nominate for 2019 here!

    2019 Recipients - Philippe Laufer


    COE Past President and Fellow Award Winner Bob Deragisch presents Philippe Laufer with the 2019 Bill Abramson College of Fellows Award.

    Past Award Recipients

    2017 Bernard Charlès & Phil Harrison
    2016 Mike Jahadi, Lockheed Martin
    2015 Bill Abramson
    2014 Bob Deragisch, Parker Hannifin
    2014 Richard Murrish, The Boeing Company
    2013 Edward Ladzinksi, Dassault Systemes

    • 2000 - 2010

      2007 Gunther Schuller, The Boeing Company
      2005 Michael Payne, Spatial
      2003 Francois Castaing, Chrysler

    • 1996 - 1999

      1999 David Aber, PhD, IBM Corporation
      1997 Francis Bernard, Dassault Systèmes
      1996 Kenneth Reinschmidt, Prescient Technologies
      1996 Gus Olling, Chrysler
      1996 Rodney Dreisbach, The Boeing Company

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      Top Gun

      Top Gun is a competition for all  engineers and designers to test their skills at designing the most accurate and correctly-structured three dimensional model, in the least amount of time at the COE Annual Conference & TechniFair. The user friendly challenge involves designing a detailed part of a common item that will be revealed when you sign up at the conference.

      2022 Model


      2022 Award Winners:

      (Max time of 45 minutes)

      1st Place – Doug Snell, PCC Aerostructures – Perfect Score – 39 min, 22 sec

      2nd Place – Jeff Gamon, Sierra Nevada – Perfect Score – 42 min, 48 sec

      3rd Place – Jorge Gudino – Lockheed Martin – Perfect Score – 44min, 52 sec

      2016 Award Winners

      First Place: Steve Roemish, Janicki Industries - Perfect Score
      Second Place: Eric Neuville
      Third Place: Ben Lucia 

      Previous Top Gun Winners

      2015 - Chris Rempe, Wichita State University
      2014 - Samuel Perse, Sharp Tooling Solutions
      2013 - Eric Neuville, Pratt & Whitney Canada
      2012 - Andrew Kramar, Arnold Engineering
      2011 - Josh Jarvis, The Boeing Company
      • 2000 - 2010

        2010 - Kevin Waugh - Lionheart Solutions
        2009 (V5) - Daniel Morin, BPR
        2008 (V5) - Kevin Morgan, ANXeBusiness Corp.
        2007 (V5) - Brian Brown, Wichita State University
        2006 (V5) - Nathan Shipley, Wichita State University
        2005 (V5) - Roger Joyal, Airbus
        Fall 2003 (V4) - Chris Sameck, Freightliner
        Fall 2003 (V5) - DJ Ninagawa, INCS
        Spring 2003 (V4) - Changsoo Suh, Hyundai Motors
        Spring 2003 (V5) - Janelle Beczak, Cessna Aircraft
        Fall 2002 (V4) - Dave Baldwin, Northwest CAD Services
        Fall 2002 (V5) - Ralph Templin, Delphi Automotive
        Spring 2002 (V4) - Junya Uramoto, INCS
        Spring 2002 (V5) - Jim Strawn, Cessna Aircraft
        Fall 2001(V5) - Jang Ju Hyun, Korea Aerospace
        Spring 2001 (V4) - Roger Joyal, The Boeing Company
        Spring 2001 (V5) - Rick Van Wetten, Siemens Canada
        Fall 2000 - Dave Baldwin, Northwest CAD Service
        Fall 2000 - Gary Fisher, Black & Decker
        Spring 2000 - Jeff Roark, Johnson Controls

      • 1996 - 1999

        Fall 1999 - Roger Joyal, Boeing Military Division
        Fall 1999 - Rob Dunn, Bombardier deHavilland
        Spring 1999 - Matthew Hillyer, Taylor Machines
        Fall 1998 - Jim Strawn, Cessna Aircraft
        Spring 1998 - Ivan Kaszycki, Behr Climate Systems, Inc.
        Fall 1997 - Todd Doyle, AlliedSignal
        Spring 1997 - Andrew Ray, DECS
        Fall 1996 - Douglas Vargo, Autoliv

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      3DDerby: Design. Print. Race.

      2019 Winners:

      Fastest Car: Dan Galgozy

      Coolest Car: Tim Ramos


      Past Winners:


      • Kyle Haythaler - First Place in Speed
      • Ryan Hetzer - First Place in Style

      Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition

      2019 Recipients:
      Graduate Level:
      1st Place: Lance Frazer, University of Kansas

      2nd Place: Patrick Walgren, Texas A&M University
      Undergrad Level:
      1st Place: Atif Saeed, Ryan Tang Dan, Chamathke Perera, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

      2nd Place: Shawan Ejaz, The City College of New York
      IMG_2126-min (1).JPG
      Past Scholarship Recipients:
      2018: Katherine Unfried, Joseph Maini, and Chelsea Swell 

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      Best Annual Conference Presentations

      2019 Winners

      Product Definition: 3DEXPERIENCE Fasteners App - A Designer Investigation and Perspective

      Manufacturing: (MAN) CATIA Composer Automatic Updating - Timothy Foster 

      Engineering Analysis & Simulation: (EAS) Digital Twin - Its Role and Structure Within a Modern Systems Engineering Approach - Frank Popielas, Edward Ladzinski

      Infrastructure, Develop, Deploy & (Knowledge): VR and AR in AEC: MJTA! (More Than Just Acronyms!) - Philippine Graveline, Emil Dobrescu 

      Infrastructure, (Develop, Deploy) & Knowledge: What's New in 3DEXPERIENCE Knowledge Dictionary - Mike Berry 

      Information Management: 3DEXPEREINCE Implementation Phase 1: Headaches and Heart Emojis - Rolando Garza 

      COE University: Hands-On with POWER'BY - Scott Pokriefa, Tyler Stapleton 

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      COE PLM Enterprise of the Year Award

      The PLM Enterprise of the Year award acknowledges COE member companies that have achieved significant business results through their organizations' adoption of product lifecycle management. It recognizes successful PLM implementations and serves as a model for fellow COE Members and IBM and Dassault Systèmes customers seeking to increase profitability by expanding their markets centered on new, innovative products, while reducing costs.

      Past Enterprise of the Year Winners

      • 2018 - Textron Aviation

      • 2014 - Parker Hannifin Corporation (Small/Medium Enterprise Award)
      • 2013 - Viking Range (Small/Medium Enterpise Award)
      • 2005 - Loewen (Small/Medium Enterprise Award)
      • 2005 - Northrop Grumman Ship Systems (Large Enterprise Award)

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      Community of Experts Contributor Award

      Members of the COE Forum were asked to nominate their favorite Community of Experts Contributor.

      2019 Winners:
      Eric Neuville


      Roman Bolshakov AKA “Little Cthulhu"

      Past Community of Experts Contributor Award Recipients

      • 2018: Timothy Suhr
      • 2017: Dave Frank & Jack Knapp
      • 2016: Mike Berry & David Summerscales
      • 2009: Mark Chitjian (Solve Issue Winner)
      • 2009: Phil Barna (Best Overall Contributor)
      • 2008: Dave Frank (Best Overall Contributor)

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