COE Volunteer Leaders

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Volunteers are at the heart of COE. We invite our members to assist with our user community governance by serving as volunteer leaders. Not just for our Board of Directors, but also for each of the communities listed below.


COE Community Divisions & Committees

There are six Community Divisions dedicated to specific aspects of the Dassault Systèmes suite of software, its environment, or its application. Each is led by one Division Manager. Within each Division are multiple Product & Process committees led by committee chair(s).
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Analyze & Simulate

Data Management & Collaboration

Develop & Deploy



Industry Solutions

Product & Process Committees collaborate year-round to build educational content for members and meet in person at the COE Annual Experience Conference to provide a forum to exchange expertise, knowledge, and to discuss product requirements. Each committee is supported by development specialists from Dassault Systèmes who attend and actively participate in the meetings.