Top Gun XXXI: Cloud Challenge 2023


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TOP GUN is a competition for the "Best of the Best" CATIA engineers and designers to test their skills at developing the most accurate and correctly-structured three-dimensional model, in the least amount of time at the COE Annual Conference & Technifair.

The competition is intended to provide participants with a broad cross-section of tasks centered on a few of the most commonly used workbenches available within CATIA. The competition is open to all COE members in good standing who are present at the COE event. Knowledge of specialized CATIA workbenches is not required to participate in the competition allowing for fair competition, accessible to as many COE attendees as possible. 

Sign-up will be available when you arrive at the 2023 COE Annual Conference & Technifair. Plan to participate and test your skills. The first and second place award winners will be recognized during the conference closing general session. Your name and score will not be published in any venue publicly unless you are one of the few winners or honorable mentions.

Download a copy of the Top Gun Rules to learn more about the competition and scoring.

Top Gun 3

Top Gun 3

Top Gun 3