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The COE Academic Foundation’s goal is to provide bridge the gap between COE member organizations and the best and brightest international engineering students.

Funded by the COE Foundation, the Academic Foundation provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships and conference attendance to these engineering students. The Foundation also provides a forum for academic users of Dassault Systèmes products to organize as one voice to Dassault Systèmes on product development and service topics, network to develop relationships that help both personally and professionally, and enable the academic and industry communities to learn from shared experiences.

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For Students

The COE Academic Foundation exists to provide students with scholarship opportunities as well as real-world experience. Students at COE can apply for scholarships for tuition, travel, and accommodations for COExperience and if selected, are presented with the opportunity to present your academic work in a professional setting to industry leaders.

Wondering about previous presentations? Access past academic presentations from other students that have been to COExperience. 

Students attending COExperience also have the chance to network with Dassault Systèmes users from many different industries to help build connections for their careers.

Interested students can submit their applications for scholarship and conference attendance here.

For Academic Foundation Donors

As a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, the COE Foundation fosters the innovators of the future by elevating students from top universities while growing their experience with the industry’s workforce of the future and

As a donor, you have access to educational, networking, and collaboration opportunities with today’s top engineering students as well as on-site recruiting possibilities at COExperience. You also play a pivotal role in fostering growth and educational opportunities for student users of Dassault Systèmes products.

Whether you are interested in the recognition or the recruitment, the Academic Foundation is your ability to create a vibrant COE-led community of students, faculty, and professionals that extends beyond a single event.

We encourage you to help strengthen COE and the future of the workforce by donating to the Academic Foundation. Consider donating today to help us meet our annual goal and support the next generation of Dassault Systèmes users.

"2019 was my first year attending COE, and it was an eye-opening experience. What caught my attention the most was the talented engineering students from many different universities. These students were highly motivated and skilled in Dassault’s products who not only excel in the classroom but are ambitious enough to volunteer, participate, and compete in the COE Academic Programs. Through the various interactions with the students as a representative from my company, I was able to recruit a couple of students who later became interns at my company. It was also a good forum to diversify and recruit students from US regions not a part of the corporate strategy. If recruiting and growing talents is a mission for your company, I think it would be a wise and valuable investment for any company with Dassault’s products to not only attend COE but also sponsor the COE Academic Program.

- Kevin Vu, IT PLM Manager at Textron Aviation

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