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Erik Swedberg, Executive Vice President and Managing Director Americas

As Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Americas for Dassault SystèmesErik Swedberg, is responsible for business operations in North and Latin America. Focused on moving the organization to a customer-first model and positioning the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for user success, Erik is constantly uncovering ways to help customers – from legacy giants like Boeing and Johnson & Johnson, to innovative industry upstarts like Tesla, and Joby Aviation – to create innovative experiences for their own customers.

Prior to this role, Erik served as Dassault Systèmes’ Managing Director for North America and Global Account Director for Boeing, where he led some of the company’s largest services programs and initiated the Boeing supply chain program. After nearly two decades with Dassault Systèmes, working in a variety of roles, Erik’s experience cuts across industries enabling him to offer opinion and insight on industries from Aerospace to High Tech, Industrial Equipment, Consumer Goods and Life Sciences. 

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Dr. Steven Levine, PhD, Sr. Director, Virtual Human Modeling at Dassault Systèmes

Steven Levine, PhD is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to advancing the field of medical simulation and modeling. Dr. Levine is currently Sr. Director of Virtual Human Modeling at Dassault Systèmes. Prior to his current role, he was Chief Strategy Officer for SIMULIA, the simulation brand within Dassault Systèmes. Dr. Levine was elected into the College of Fellows in the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) in 2017 and holds a PhD in Materials Science from Rutgers University. 

He is best known for his work as the Director and founder of the Living Heart Project, an international consortium of researchers, clinicians, and technology experts who are developing a virtual twin of the human heart for medical research and education.  Under his leadership, the project has grown to include more than 150 partners from around the world, and has received numerous awards for its innovative approach to medical modeling.

Levine is also a recognized thought leader in the field of medical simulation and modeling, and has published numerous articles and whitepapers on the subject. He is a sought-after speaker and presenter, and has delivered keynote addresses at major industry conferences and events.

Overall, Steven Levine is a visionary leader in the field of medical simulation and modeling, whose work with the Living Heart Project is helping to transform the way we approach medical research and education. His passion for innovation and commitment to improving patient outcomes has earned him a reputation as one of the most influential figures in the field of medical engineering.



Stéphane Declee, CEO, ENOVIA Dassault Systemes

Stephane Declee has 25 years of experience in engineering and executive leadership at Dassault Systemes, where he began his career in 1991 as a research and development software engineer. 

He later became Product Manager and Domain Leader for the company’s flagship brand, CATIA, and was then promoted to Vice President, Strategy and Research. Following this, he was named Vice President, Research and Development of the ENOVIA brand based in the United States, where he led the acquisition and integration of MatrixOne and subsequent ENOVIA launches.

He was then moved into Vice President, Research and Development Industry Solutions, where he used his leadership to formulate and implement the Dassault Systemes industry go-to-market approach.

Stephane Declee was appointed Vice President, Energy, Process and Utilities Industry, Dassault Systemes in 2012. In this role, he drove the industry’s adoption of a new digital perspective for the entire business lifecycle—from innovation to recycling — with a vision to deliver sustainable life for the 21st century using Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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Bill DeVries, Director, NAM Customer Solutions

As Director of NAM Customer Solutions for High-Tech, Transportation & Mobility, Energy & Materials, Mining & Offshore as well as Financial Business Service industries, Bill DeVries is responsible for revenue growth and driving the use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Additionally, Bill leads the 3DEXPERIENCE EDU Sales and Workforce of the Future efforts by working closely with prominent Universities, Colleges and technical institutions to develop partnerships, academic Centers of Excellence and continue Dassault Systèmes involvement with institutes or consortia.

Prior to his current position, Bill acquired wide-ranging experience across functions such as business operations, industry sales and brand sales, facilitating cross-industry opportunities focused on leveraging a diverse portfolio of products, including the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  Throughout his 11 years with Dassault Systèmes, Bill has espoused a strong commitment to deliver value to our customer through enhanced collaboration and future thinking.

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Chris Baksa, Director of Aircraft Integration, Boom Supersonic

Chris Baksa is Boom Supersonic’s Director of Aircraft Integration.  In this role, he leads a diverse team of engineers within the disciplines of System Safety, Project Engineering, Mass Properties, Vehicle Integration, Systems Engineering, Human Factors, and Data Management.  The goal of Aircraft Integration is to ensure all aircraft systems operate correctly individually and together as installed on the aircraft.  His team provides means to show that intersystem requirements have been satisfied and that all opportunities to discover and eliminate undesired and unintended functions are taken.

During his 19-year career in the aerospace industry, Chris worked on several aircraft and space vehicle programs at Gulfstream Aerospace, Ball Aerospace, and now Boom.  Early on, he worked as a designer, developing flight control and structural repairs for in-service aircraft.  He has analyzed systems for safety impacts and supported root cause and accident investigations.  For a majority of his career, Chris has led diverse teams of engineers to develop propulsion systems, design special mission modifications, manage fleet customers, and send space probes around Jupiter and to the poles of the Sun.  Having experience with legacy designs from the 1960s all the way up to cutting-edge supersonic designs today, Chris has drafted on mylar, revised drawings in CADAM, certified designs in CATIA V5, and is implementing the digital thread in 3DExperience.

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Chris Garrett, Technical Advisor for Architectures, AFLCMC/EN-EZ

Chris spent over 27 years of active duty in the Air Force working in the areas of electronic warfare, test, space, and aircraft sustainment.

Led an effort to build an Air Force ecosystem where open standards, agile processes, and digital engineering could be combined to deliver capability expeditiously to the field.

In February 2020, Chris was appointed to be the Senior Leader for Systems Engineering in the Air Force. In this job, his current focus is being the technical lead for the USAF Digital Transformation.

In February 2020, Chris was appointed to be the Senior Leader for Systems Engineering in the Air Force.

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Dr. R. Byron Pipes, NAE, IVA, DHC

Dr. R. Byron Pipes was elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering in 1987 in recognition of his development of an exemplary model for relationships between corporate, academic and government sectors to foster research and education in the field of composite materials. He was elected to the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering (IVA) in 1993. In 2018, at the 150th anniversary of the founding of engineering in the UK, he was awarded the honorary DOCTOREM HONORIS CAUSA by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Pipes served as the 17th President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from 1993-98. A hallmark of Pipes’ career has been his commitment to innovation and change.

He is recognized as a pioneer in revitalizing undergraduate education; a leader in creating new partnerships between governments, the private sector and academia; and an international expert in advanced composite materials. Dr. Pipes serves as the John Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Executive Director of the Composites Manufacturing Simulation Center at Purdue University. In 2020, Dassault Systèmes established the 3DEXPERIENCE Composites Center of Excellence at Purdue University with the objective of advancing industry-standard enterprise solutions for composites manufacturing in the aerospace and automotive industries. The Center is focused on “digital twins” of high-performance composites manufacturing and performance, providing engineers a unique platform to manufacture air and land vehicles simultaneously in the digital and physical worlds.

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Matt Sommer, Director of Product Development Operations, Xos Trucks

Matt Sommer is a multi-disciplinary leader and creator with 15 years’ experience across multiple business units with a primary focus on engineering and leadership. Based in Los Angeles, CA USA, Matt is currently the  Director of Product Development Operations and IT  at Xos Trucks, a leading manufacturer of fully electric, zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, powertrain components, and charging infrastructure.

As part of his responsibilities for Product Development Operations, Matt oversees 3DEXPERIENCE operations and development including all PLM activities in ENOVIA. He is also responsible for the end-to-end data flow, from early design in CATIA, through manufacturing development in DELMIA, to the operation and execution of production, in Xos' ERP, MRP, and MES systems.