Student & Academic Community Engagement @ COExperience


Together with Dassault Systèmes, COE provides opportunities to get involved and give back to our students and academic community at COExperience. Each year, we fund more than 70 students to attend COExperience and help build the innovation of the future. Here’s how it works…

Student Involvement

Get real-world experience by presenting your academic work at COExperience. Engage with potential and current employers and industry mentors by spending 3 days learning and absorbing industry knowledge from the technical experts – Dassault Systèmes users.

Apply for the Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition

The Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition gives students the opportunity to showcase their work on projects involving the Dassault Systèmes solutions to leaders within the industry, as well as gain visibility with all attendees at the conference and with the COE Board of Directors.

The winner will receive a $3000 academic scholarship and the runner-up will receive a $1000 scholarship. Students who submit to the Scholarship Competition and are accepted also have an opportunity to receive complimentary conference registration, travel, and housing at COExperience.

Go beyond the competition by volunteering a few hours each day at COExperience will be able to interact directly with COE volunteers from the industry and attend the volunteer appreciation event.



New Academic Professor Rate for COExperience 2024

Academic Professors can attend COExperience at a discounted rate of $100.00 by updating their school's membership list with 5 new students. Spend the 3-day conference networking with individuals across many industries while attending more than 100 hours of educational programming. Contact for discounted registration or other assistance.

How Member Companies Give Back

Whether you are interested in recognition or recruitment, the Academic Foundation is your opportunity to create a vibrant COE-led community of students, faculty, and professionals that extends beyond a single event.

We encourage you to help strengthen COE and the future of the workforce by donating to the Academic Foundation. Consider donating today to help us meet our annual goal and support the next generation of Dassault Systèmes users.

Learn more and donate to the COE Academic Foundation.