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Develop & Deploy

Michael Craffey’s Audience Learned From His Lessons (and Mistakes) During His COExperience 2023 Presentation

At COExperience 2023, Michael Craffey’s presentation, “Setting Up 3DEXPERIENCE Environments: Things I’ve Learned,” was met...

Data Management & Collaboration

Improving Build Time for 3DSpaceIndex

By Jerry Luczyk and Mark Wenske, Infrastructure Architects for Dassault Systèmes Multiple attendees at this past year’s COExperience...

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

At COExpereince 2023, Garrett Shared the US Air Force’s Vision for Digital Transformation

COExperience 2023 in Miami featured many top-tier speakers and presenters who taught on the latest product developments and solutions to help...

Recorded Webinars & Workshops

Advancing Adaptability: Integrating Cameo Systems Modeler into PLM

video { max-width: 100%; height: auto; } #video-container { text-align:center; margin-bottom: 25px; } Advancing...

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Recorded Webinars & Workshops

Ask the Expert: Managing A&D Complexities with MBSE

Are you tired of traditional systems engineering processes that are time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors? If so, it's time to discover...

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

Optimizing design review for collaboration between engineering, manufacturing, and suppliers

Miscommunication is the #1 cause of delayed product launches and quality escapes. Some of the most costly miscommunication happens when handing...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Concept Aerodynamics & Structural Exploration

Vehicle Styling is one of the most important factor, which determines the commercial success of a particular vehicle. Styling also plays a...

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

Achieving Interoperability with 3DEXPERIENCE

Whether you’re migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE or collaborating with external partners, suppliers, or customers, interoperability becomes a key to...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Concept Engineering for Efficient Structure Development: Journey & Vision

Since many years CATIA SFE CONCEPT has been the leading solution and industry standard for early phase simulation-driven conceptual design. It...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Concept Structure Engineer – Technical Overview

Concept Structure Engineer is a paradigm shift compared to the traditional applications leveraged to product design. It unifies the implicitly...