Hello, and welcome to the 2023 COExperience Speaker Resource Page. Thank you for joining us at Hyatt Regency Miami for this event. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to COE!

The information below contains deadlines, logistical information and a list of frequently asked questions that will contribute to your success at the conference. If you have any questions or need additional information, contact COE Education at speakers@coe.org.


A Speaker Confirmation is required for your participation at the conference and must be completed by Friday, December 16, 2022. The instructions and link for confirming your session were included in your acceptance email and are also listed below. If you are the primary speaker for more than one session, each session must be confirmed individually. If you have any questions, please contact us at speakers@coe.org.

To confirm your session:

  1. Login using your COE website login
  2. Go to My Presentations and select any session(s) marked as "Approved"
  3. Click the “Accept” button


Please note that speakers are expected to register and attend COExperience 2023 in person. Speakers, panelists or moderators WILL NOT be able to virtually present through virtual meeting technology. By accepting approval you have confirmed your commitment to present in person at COExperience. If you are unable to present in person please change the status of your presentation to not accepted (decline approval) and inform us at speakers@coe.org.


As a speaker, you will need to register yourself for the 2023 COExperience. All speakers must be current COE members and registered for the conference.  Detailed registration information will be sent to primary speakers. All speakers must be registered by Friday, February 24, 2023. If by this date you are unsure if you can attend or need approval to travel please contact us at speakers@coe.org.

Primary speakers receive a discounted registration rate for speaking at the conference. Please note that this is available to only one speaker per session. As a reminder, you will be responsible for your own travel and hotel expenses.  


When making your hotel and travel arrangements, please keep in mind that the conference ends on Wednesday, April 19, 2023. 

Hotel Information

Be sure to book your room no later than Friday, March 17, 2023 for COE's discounted room rate. Be sure to mention COE when booking!


All presentations are to be of an educational nature and should not be used to promote products and or services. Presentations must be uploaded by, Friday, March 31, 2023. Instructions on how to upload presentations will be sent to primary speakers in February.

PPTs: All presentations must be prepared using the 2023 COExperience PowerPoint.


All rooms are equipped with the following:

- Projector
- Screen (16:9)
- Podium
- 1 Microphone

Internet is NOT provided. If you have any other A/V requirements, please contact us at speakers@coe.org no later than Wednesday, March 15, 2023. All requests are subject to approval.  Also, be sure to bring your presentation loaded on your laptop.  Remember, it's always a good idea to bring a backup flash drive with your presentation as well.

Speaker Marketing Kit

To help you promote the value of the event and spread the word, we have developed tools for you, which you can utilize when you promote the event to your network. We appreciate your support and look forward to the event.

Click to add a heading.png

Simply click the "Download Graphics" image to instantly download the images to your computer, then add them to your website and social media posts.


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Below is a customizable email template to pass on to your colleagues and contacts to join you at the 2023 COExperience in Miami.

Subject Line: Join Me at the 2023 COExperience for User-Driven Dassault Systèmes Education

Dear NAME,

COExperience is back again and better than ever! The 2023 COExperience brings together expert users of Dassault Systèmes solutions. At this event, you will hear from industry leaders and Dassault Systèmes executives, have the opportunity to better understand the latest product developments, learn solutions to work more efficiently and network with fellow users. Bolster your knowledge by attending COExperience, April 16-19 in Miami.

Learn: Attend education sessions across five tracks offered at COE 2018, including my session [SESSION NAME]. [Give a brief description of your session and why it is valuable to attend].

Network : Mingle with Dassault Systèmes experts who are committed to answering your questions and addressing challenges you face in your day-to-day work and network with fellow users working within a wide range of industries. The TechniFair also offers the opportunity to discover new products and services.

Grow: Tap into the shared resources of hundreds of COE members, Dassault Systèmes executives and more! Meet new friends and contacts throughout the week and strengthen ties with existing business partners.

Make plans to join me and hundreds of your peers to take in all of the valuable insight and knowledge presented at this unique Dassault Systèmes community event.

Register by March 3, and save nearly $200! A discounted room rate will also be available at the Hyatt Regency Miami until March 17, based on availability.



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Help promote COExperience on social media! Join Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and help pass on the word that COExperience is the place to see the latest product developments, learn solutions to your business challenges and connect with other experts.



LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for the COE audience. Home for industry and association news and live conference updates, LinkedIn is the most important platform for our volunteers to post, like and comment.

COE Company Page : Volunteers should follow this page, like, and comment on posts. Only COE HQ can post on this page.

COE Group Page : Volunteers should post news and updates to promote COExperience. You can pull from the COE Company Page or from the suggested posts provided below.

Other places on LinkedIn to post COExperience promotional content include:

Post Guidelines/SUGGESTIONS

  • Hashtag: #COExperience
  • Images: Include images wherever appropriate. The ideal image size for LI is 1200px by 627px
  • Videos: YouTube links are encouraged on LI as they get high engagement and play immediately when you post
  • Questions: If a question comes up that you can’t immediately address, contact COE Headquarters at 312-321-5153 or coe@coe.org

#COExperience is the best event for learning from and connecting with fellow Dassault Systèmes users to hear how they have solved business challenges in their area of expertise. I am looking forward to a number of sessions that explore topics in information management, manufacturing processes, engineering, analysis and simulation, infrastructure, deployment, and more. Learning with over 650 of my peers this April is going to be a great experience, and I hope you check it out and attend with me. https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

I am a member of COE, a Dassault Systèmes user group, and am looking forward to intriguing programming that is lined up for #COExperience, April 16-19 in Miami. Part of this programming is my session, SESSION TITLE on SESSION DATE AND TIME where I will SHORT SESSION DESCRIPTION.WHY ATTEND THE SESSION. Being with over 650 of my peers is going to be a great experience, and I hope you check it out and attend with me.  https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

I can't wait to reconnect with the COE community at the 2023 #COExperience! On SESSION DATE AND TIME where I will SHORT SESSION DESCRIPTION.https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Are you interested in SESSION TOPIC? Attend my session at #COExperience, taking place in Miami from April 16-19. Learn more and register today: https://bit.ly/3aBPol1


Post Guidelines/SUGGESTIONS

  • Hashtag: #COExperience
  • Images: Include images wherever appropriate. The ideal image size for Twitter is 1600px by 900px and Facebook is 1200px by 630px
  • Questions: If a question comes up that you can’t im tely address, contact COE Headquarters at 312-321-5153 or coe@coe.org

I can’t wait until #COExperience! It will be my INSERT NUMBER OF YEARS presenting at the conference, and it looks better than ever @COEHQ https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Looking forward to presenting on SESSION TOPIC at #COExperience, April 16-19 in Miami https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Are you interested in SESSION TOPIC? Attend my session at #COExperience. Learn more: LINK TO SESSION

I’m presenting on SESSION TOPIC at #COExperience. Tweet me your questions so I can address them during my presentation. https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Attending #COExperience is crucial for staying up-to-date on market advancements in SESSION TOPIC. You’ll learn a lot from my session! [link to session]

Help me spread the word about my session at #COExperience on SESSION TOPIC on DATE! https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Save the date! Join me and @COEHQ in April at #COExperience https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

#COExperience is back and better than ever! Join me to access transformative education and opportunities to reconnect with Dassault Systèmes users. https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Can’t wait until #COExperience! It will be my INSERT NUMBER OF YEARS ATTENDED time, and it looks better than ever @COEHQ https://bit.ly/3aBPol1

Are you ready to reconnect with the @COEHQ community? So am I! Join me in Miami from April 16-19 to network and experience transformative education that will help you build skills, increase efficiencies and gain knowledge.  https://bit.ly/3aBPol1