COE U - SysML (System Architecture) and Modelica (Multiphysics Analysis and Design) Integration Live Hands-on Session

SysML is OMG, ISO and de facto industry standard for system architecture modelling and analysis. Being model-based it enables semantically rich collaboration between system architecture, analyse and design. Now we can specify mapping, automate interchange and enable analysis in the loop of multiple disciplines.
Modelica is one of the most popular open standard for multiphysics simulation and design covering hydraulics, electrical, and other type of analysis.
In this fundamental live hands-on tutorial we demonstrate system architecture in SysML integration and simulation with high fidelity multiphysics models in Modelica. We follow best in class strategic collaboration defined by Modelica, SysML and interchange standard SysPhS creators. We will cover following steps:
1. Modelica libraries import and usage for system architecture refinement for interchange with Modelica.
2. Model shell export form SysML to Modelica using OMG SysPhS standard
3. Model refinement and simulation in Dymola
4. SysML and Dymola simulation integration for requirements verification and trade study analysis

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