MBSE – Electrical eVTOL End to End Live Hand-on Tutorial

Multiple companies are extending their digital engineering approach for electrical engineering / wire harness to span to system architecture, logical design, 3D design and manufacturing. Model-Based realizes the promise by enabling and integrating system architecture in SysML models and designs.

In this live hands-on tutorial, we guide attendees through state of the art one of the best use case on MBSE and design integration. Specifically a model-based approach for powerful digital engineering advancement leveraging connections between systems engineering model and the 3D representation of the complete harness as designed and as manufactured.

Presented process, integration and tutorial is developed in close collaboration with defense and aerospace major clients. This also include samples, SysML profile for electrical engineering / mapping between SysML and electrical engineering,

With this solution we implement U.S. Department of Defense paradigm shift from legacy engineering practices to an “integrated, digital, model-based approach” (Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering 2018).

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