Unifying Processes and Workflows Using Technical Data Packages in 3DEXPERIENCE

Siloed environments pose a challenge when sharing the right information for those in manufacturing. With multiple CAD formats, differing systems, and processes, how do you work collaboratively and efficiently share design data with third parties for design reviews and other processes?

Working with PROSTEP, a leading consumer and packaged goods company implemented a solution to leverage PROSTEP’s integration and PDF solution to help open the lines of communication between siloed environments. Discover how PROSTEP’s integration platform set up triggers from CATIA and Enovia and exported metadata from the source system. After export, the solution generated a technical data package (TDP) translating the documents into STEP and STL files and sending only 1 PDF file using PROSTEP’s 3D PDF solution. These documents were sent to their intended recipients for review. When changes were made to the TDP, PROSTEP’s integration solution was engaged to import the updated 3D PDF back to the 3DExperience platform. This streamlined the design review process and simplified revision tracking.

Delve into the hurdles this company faced to overcome the initial boundaries of optimizing their design reviews. See how they moved from days of enormous effort, with multiple people and data exchange pathways (online drives, email, etc.), to a streamlined document revision protocol. Discover the best-in-class toolsets and best-practice methodologies used for creating and integrating TDP’s so they could fully optimize, manage, and control changes in their design reviews.

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