Sponsored Emails with COE

Market your products and services throughout the year to more than 6,500 users of Dassault Systèmes software solutions all over the world and experts who influence or make purchasing decisions every day through sponsored emails.

Please see below for information regarding fulfillment of your sponsored email message:  

Specifications for Sponsored Emails

Sponsored emails must be provided as source code (HTML) and it is recommended that the email width be no greater than 640 pixels. All images must be sourced to a partner’s website. COE will not host images that are included in the sponsored message. Some email/HTML platforms truncate image sourcing so please double-check to ensure complete image sourcing information is included in the source code.

Any use of COE’s or affiliated logos is subject to the approval of COE and emails may not include any personalization (i.e. Dear <firstname>). All emails must also contain the attached banner at the top of the email and must include the following language.

COE provides this email as a service to our community and the views expressed in this email are not those of COE. Reference to any specific product or service does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by COE.

After you’ve confirmed your email meets these requirements, please send the file to

Scheduling, Testing and Sending

All emails will be scheduled in advance. COE will not send more than one sponsored email per week. COE staff will provide recommended dates for fulfillment based on availability. COE staff will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate requested email dates. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Source code with a subject line must be received at least five business days before the scheduled email delivery date. COE will provide minimum 48 hours for the sponsor to review their email. Sponsor must provide written approval via email before COE will send the email.

COE staff will review and approve all emails before distribution. Emails sent on behalf of COE sponsors will be identified as such with “COE Partner” in the “From” portion of emails.

COE reserves the right to edit for accuracy, clarity and style; or to refuse permission for delivery if message is deemed unsuitable by the COE Executive Director or staff. All list counts provided by COE are approximate and subject to change.