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Welcome to the new COE Content Center! This section includes listings of news, proceedings, and webinar recordings. While the descriptions are available to all, attachments and videos may only be available to members. Make sure you are logged into your member account to view.

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Building the Digital Twin through 3DExperience Integration

Formalizing the integration of virtual models from different sources for engineering to help make sound business decisions is critical to...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Design optimization

Spend More Time on your ideas Using the 3DEXPERIENCE as your engineering partner

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Extended Integration with 3DExperience System Traceability Application

To remain consistent in design and engineering, the need for traceability from needs to design is essential. Though it is common to see...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Optimize Product Performance with 3DEXPERIENCE Design Simulation

Modeling (e.g. CAD) and simulation (e.g. FEA) on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables virtual testing to be performed early and throughout the...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Stamped Part Engineering for Manufacturability & Performance

Stamped parts are prevalent in many industries such as Industrial Equipment and Transportation and Mobility. These parts must be assessed for...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Unified Requirements, Modelling & Simulation for Battery Pack Structure

Design data for structures in the concept stage is incomplete and evolving. For efficient design, important decisions must be made rapidly...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Usage of NVIDIA GPU Acceleration in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Learn how to optimize your design and manufacturing experience using NVIDIA GPUs.

COE University, Proceedings

COE U - Electrical Wire Harness from Logical to Physical

Synchronize electrical 3D model with logical wiring data

COE University, Proceedings

COE U - NETVIBES Data Science Experience HandsOn

Curious to learn more about NETVIBES Data Science Experiences? Everything you always wanted to know about how to turn data into actionable insight...

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

3DExperience Collaborative Supplier and OEM Integration

Companies have historically stored data in information silos which become a bottleneck for real-time data collaboration, monitoring, and...