Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition Application

COE is pleased to announce that for the twelfth consecutive year, an Academic Project contest will be held in conjunction with COExperience taking place in Dallas, May 13-16, 2024. This contest gives students the opportunity to present projects they have been working on during the academic year that make use of the Dassault Systèmes suite of products. The student is not required to attend COExperience in order to submit a Academic Project.


Winners will receive:

First Place: $3000 academic scholarship

Second Place: $1000 academic scholarship


COE Academic Project Requirements:

  1. Clearly state the project overview.
  2. Present the technology involved in the project, and how Dassault Systèmes Solutions assisted in reaching the goal(s) of the project.
  3. Present the process involved in achieving the results of the project.
  4. Present the outcome of the project, as well as any lessons learned.


COE Academic Project Judging Criteria:

  1. Clarity of Problem Statement
  2. Clarity of Message
  3. Supporting Graphics
  4. Results Presented
  5. Overall Presentation


Important Dates:

  1. All 2024 Applications are due to COE Headquarters by April 1, 2024 to be considered for scholarship travel to Dallas
  2. All Academic Project final presentations must be submitted to COE Headquarters by April 1. Please submit all Academic Projects in PowerPoint. If files are too large for email, please contact Conor Burton at 


This timeline allows time for the COE Board of Directors/College of Fellows to review the presentations and collect questions for each student. There will be a dedicated time during the conference for each student to present their presentation if they so wish. The COE Board of Directors and College of Fellows will be voting on the winner of the competition. The winner will be announced during the closing general session during the conference. No edits can be made to presentations after the start of the COE Conference.


How to participate in the COE 2024 Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition:

  • Complete this application
  • Include a brief abstract of your presentation to ensure it meets the requirements
  • Meet with your professor as your sponsor
  • Email your application to Conor Burton at 
  • Once your application has been received we will give you an estimate of when you should hear feedback regarding the acceptance of your presentation.


COE Academic Project Rules:

  1. Students from all academic institutions are eligible to participate in the COE 2024 Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition.
  2. By entering the COE Dr. David M. Aber Tuition Scholarship Competition, you agree to have your presentation published in any of the COE publication venues including the academic section of the COE Forums (located at, NewsNet; the COE newsletter and the COE Annual Conference proceedings.
  3. Judging of the presentations will be done by the COE Board of Directors
  4. All final presentations must be submitted to COE Headquarters
  5. Send a copy of the presentation in PowerPoint format to be displayed at the COExperience & TechniFair
  6. Please email your proposal and presentation to 


* You do not need to attend the COExperience in order to submit an Academic Project.