Regional User Groups

About COE RUG Community

The COE Regional User Group Community was formed to provide national representation to local and regional user group support.

The community includes international representatives in North America, Canada and Europe.  The mission remains the same - bringing Dassault Systemes software users together to learn from each other.

The purpose of the COE RUG Community is to assist in the development, support and continuation of local Dassault Systemes users group for the purpose of promoting the free exchange of information related to the use of Dassault Systemes software. CRC provides a forum where local RUGs can go to gain or share information through a web site or direct contact with the leaders as it relates to Dassault Systemes or their RUG.

RUG Leaders

  • Leaders of local RUG's participate in the CRC to share best practices.


  • CRC leaders will meet on a quarterly basis via teleconferencing to address issues related to their local RUGs.
  • CRC will host a leader meeting, open to all RUG leaders attending the COE Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair.
  • A meeting agenda will be planned in advance with input from local RUGs and COE.
  • A time will be designated for open forum/discussion on subjects related to user groups.

Problem Solving

  • Leaders and COE HQ staff will use their best faith efforts to assist with the formation and start of new RUGs.
  • Through its website, CRC will provide sample start up information for new RUGs.
  • The CRC website will host a forum for users to post questions related to use of Dassault Systemes software.
  • CRC leaders and COE HQ staff will provide practical information regarding agendas, sponsorship, database of speakers, events or new ideas.

The COE RUG Community is an important part of the COE user community. The COE RUG Community is always looking for new ideas, and would like to hear from you.  Take some time to talk to our RUG leader, and perhaps even offer to volunteer to help.

For more information or further questions on COE support of user group meetings, please contact