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Welcome to the new COE Content Center! This section includes listings of news, proceedings, and webinar recordings. While the descriptions are available to all, attachments and videos may only be available to members. Make sure you are logged into your member account to view.

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

Using The XPDM tool for Various Import and Export Scenarios

We will discuss how to use the XPDM Import and Export tool to import and export data from 3DEXPERIENCE. We will focus on the XPDM XML data format...

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

Tips & trick : Platform Collaboration

Learn how to leverage all the tools and features of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Boost the usage of the platform and exploit 100% of its capabilities

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Increase Sustainability via Lightweighting with 3DEXPERIENCE

In today’s world of ever changing needs, cutting edge technologies, and brand new industry trends, businesses are constantly faced with the...

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

PLM Analytics with Netvibes for Digital Manufacturing

A deep dive into Netvibes capabilities to create KPIs for Digital Manufacturing governance.

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

CATIA MAGIC – 3DEXPERIENCE Platform – Power By live demonstration and Roadmap

In this session we will demonstrate the latest integration (PowerBy) between system architecture in SysML using CATIA Magic (Cameo) and...

COE University, Proceedings

COE U - Product Line Engineering and Simulation from Architecture to Design in E2E MBSE-MBE Context

Product Line Engineering (PLE) extended from Architecture to Design in the context of E2E systems engineering and development lifecycle.Model...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Concept Vehicle Architecture Exploration

Identifying the right architecture that can be repurposed for multiple vehicle variants is strategically important for automotive manufactures...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

Concept Engineering for Consumer Packaged Goods

For decades the Transportation & Mobility industry has embraced concept structure engineering via the SFE CONCEPT solution. This technology is now...

Data Management & Collaboration, Proceedings

Migrating Data to 3DEXPERIENCE

We will cover what is involved and which issues need to be considered when planning and implementing a data migration to 3DEXPERIENCE. The session...

Analyze & Simulate, Proceedings

A Startup transition to Model Based Methods

User experience of transitioning to model based methods in a startup environment amidst initial product launch. Summary viewpoint of the main...